Some people know that their whole body is “presented” in the palms of their hands: all of our organs and muscles are associated with the appropriate reflexive zone on our hands.

The biology of our human race is very connected and due to the various experiments, the scientists find out that a healing could be reached without any effort. Just as simple and easy.

You only have to do is read the short instruction bellow and look the illustrations of a palm. Every part of your body has a specific point which you have to give a massage in order to release pain.

When the parts are being massaged, those zones through the nervous system send signals to the brain trying to solve the problem. The Path We Live brings you the 5 most important zones on your hands to help you reduce or relieve pain.

Palms need to be massaged with your thumb, working circular movements for a few seconds.


Abdomen, Stomach, Colon

Arm, Sholder

Head, Brain, Eyes

Chest, Heart, Lungs

Kidneys, Adrenal glands