He claims to have a cure for cancer. His opponents are looking for evidence. It offers 8,000 stories in which people claim that Dr. Burzynski’s remedies have saved their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Big pharmaceutical companies seek scientific studies, Burzynski says he cannot give them because they do not allow him to let the drug go into production. It’s been a bunch for three decades. In the coming year, eight million people will die of some form of cancer, of which three-quarters of Americans. Neither in any country in the world so much people with cancer as they do in America. Death is not just death. It is also a good, lucrative business.

Over the centuries, mankind has found a lot to make life more tolerable. Today, there are glasses, hearing aids, orthopedic aids and artificial teeth, and fully functional artificial limbs. Not so long ago, children were dying of diarrhea, and pneumonia would be fatal in most cases. We have found medications and adequate therapies for many illnesses and so have come to the possibility of extending lifespan. Only one illness resists our desire for immortality. In spite of decades of research, in vain billions of dollars spent on research, in vain hundreds of papers by many researchers and scientists. Cancer remains a mystery and an unbeatable fortress for medicine, which does not yet know exactly what causes this illness and what favors its growth.

Who is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski?

In addition to chemotherapy, and expensive medicines, many cancer patients hope pinned on a man named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Rajmund. He lives and works in Houston, Texas, and today is probably the most controversial physician of today. He is a man who has a whole community of followers and devotees, and a great army of opponents who are, in large part, representatives of powerful pharmaceutical companies and government officials who challenge the validity of his research. For one charlatan, for other rescuers, Stanislaw Rajmund Burzynski continues to work in his modern clinic and claims to have discovered the way cancer actually works and how our body defends it.

Our body produces a lot of cells, and one in ten of them are potentially carcinogenic. So why do not we all get cancer? Because our body has its own defense mechanism against this disease. This mechanism consists of antineoplastons that neutralize cancer cells in our body, says Dr. Burzynski in the film “Cancer is a Serious Business”.

Both the film and Dr. Burzynski, as well as the existence of matter under the name antineoplastic, have been criticized in recent years over the last few years, especially because of the particular mystery that the doctor mentioned in his research. But when left out of a controversy over cancer research, Burzynski is a highly-trained physician and a very prolific author with more than 300 published works.

Burzynski’s education

Burzynski graduated from the Lublin Academy of Medicine, and with excellent references to his professors and scholarship. He traveled to the USA, where he worked as a researcher and assistant professor at the Baylor College in Houston from 1970 to 1977. His field of study was the influence of peptides on cancer cells, according to his website. He was the author and co-author of 16 different scientific publications that treated this matter. In 1977 he founded his own clinic for treatment of cancer patients. This institution, though often controversial and controversial, is nowadays one of the most sophisticated clinics of this type in America, with top-level experts in the field of oncology.

War with the FDA

Burzynski opponents often forget is that this institution offers the classic treatments for the treatment of cancer, such as chemotherapy and drugs that are approved by medical authorities of the United States. Treatment with peptides or antineoplastics is offered as an additional experimental type service. For over three decades, Dr. Byrzinski runs an in-war war with a powerful institution called the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration. In this war, to start in 1983,  with FDA banning Burzynski this or that, usually by restraining it to finally register their medication and so really prove whether something is true or is just plain pot.

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