Rarely there is a person who is resistant to boring insects that literally attack and bite whenever they see naked skin. Very often a person doesn’t know what kind of insect bit them so they can’t anticipate the danger it may bring the bite to their health. However, there is no room for panic. If you know how to recognize the bites, you will know and protect it properly.

Therefore, it is important to remember:

A bite of mosquitoes – small dotted spots that if you tap them start to itch and become red. In some cases, they can swell.

Bites of the tick – beet is followed by redness. In tick bites, it is important to consult a doctor to remove it.

Bites from fleas – similar to mosquito bites, with the difference that itchy to pain. One flea can bite you in more places at a distance of 1-2 centimeters.

Bee bites – the skin around the sting immediately becomes red and it is important to remove the remainder correctly. It is accompanied by pain, and often an allergic reaction.

Bites from wasp – the symptoms are similar to the bees, with the difference that in this case, a blisters occurs that scratches, burns and hurts appears. Also, the wasp can bite several times.
Bites from hornets – redness and swellings the first symptoms, as well as blisters which may appear on the skin.

Bitten by an ant – although we think that ants are harmless, however if you lingered can leave blisters and bubbles that may remain in the form of scars forever.

Bites of lice – if you notice small red spots on the head, neck or behind your ears, you have lice in the body. The shells are usually at a distance of several centimeters.

Important: In all cases seek medical attention or at least consult an expert. Insects are a dangerous thing and they can transmit diseases and infections.

Source: http://www.crnobelo.com/zivot/zdravje/52714-kako-da-raspoznaete-kakov-insekt-ve-kasnal