Mattresses are collectors of numerous bacteria and they need to be periodically thoroughly cleaned. When you realize what a hotbed of dirt hidden in the mattress, you will not wait even one second to try this mixture for cleaning your bed.

We are used only to change the bedding, which should be washed, but we think that it is enough and that the mattress clean, as dirty only a sheet. However, after a while, our mattress has become a source of dirt.
Sweat, body fluids, dust, dirt and small particles pass through the sheet and terminating in the mattress. It takes a long time to get dirt purchases, but few of us clean the mattress ever.

 How to clean the mattress?

Although you do not see them, mites are dangerous small creatures that endanger our health
According to research on bed and bedding, there are over half a million mites that feed on human skin and are maintained by moisture and heat.
They are among the leading causes of allergies, and often the health problems that come with them are exactly what they are.
To clean your bed and linen from mites and bacteria, we bring you an excellent recipe that we recommend.

Bacteria and mites can be removed with natural mixture

We bring you a solution of how to clean your bed with this cheap ingredients. Read how to prepare it:
Sprinkle a few drops of fragrant essential oil, if desired, and a glass of 75% alcohol. You can also put a small spoon of baking soda and mix well.
Then bed, mattress, and sheets spray with this mixture, but gently, and let it dry out. Mites will immediately die due to alcohol, and scented oil will freshen linens and bed.

It’s time to sleep and enjoy a clean bed.