Pulmonary inflammation, one of the most common diseases, is now successfully treated with antibiotics. But it is well known that antibiotics have a negative impact on the healthy cells of the body, and if there is no need for them, it is best to use natural preparations. In the treatment of pneumonia, most of the oils and oregano oils were found to be most effective.

Lung inflammation is a disease caused by the virus, fungi or bacteria, and in the ancient past, when there was no antibiotic, it was one of the most common causes of mortality. And today is the sixth largest cause of death. It is estimated that more than 3 million people suffer from pneumonia annually, of which 1.5 million must go to hospital treatment. Streptococcus bacterium is most responsible for lung inflammation, whose first symptoms are sudden fever, fever and trembling.

There is a wide range of antibiotics used in the treatment of this disease. Mostly penicillin is given to patients, but amoxicillin, erythromycin, and clarithromycin have been shown to be much better. But, it is known that antibiotics also have some side effects, more precisely, to destroy healthy cells.

How to use oregano oil as a remedy for lung inflammation?

Lung inflammation can be treated naturally. The most effective solution is a combination of oregano oil and water. Oregano is a natural oil with a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. In Asia in the treatment of pneumonia since the seventh century, and is effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections, hepatitis, respiratory infections, and chronic inflammatory dysentery problems. It is rich in potassium, calcium, pine, zinc, manganese, copper and magnesium.

Apply 1 drop of essential oil of oregano with honey in warm water. You need to mix it frequently because essential oils can be separated from water.
No more than 10 days of use in a row is advised. Absorption can kill useful bacteria or become toxic to the liver.

Note !!!
– Oregano oil is not recommended for infants and young children.
– It may also lower blood sugar levels and affect those with diabetes.

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