With the more complex mechanisms of our society, we are more likely to experience stress. Everyday life saves no one anymore.

Get rid of stress and calm your nerves for a few minutes – is it possible? Hmm … Some, probably, though it was a fabrication again, of which there is no butterfly.

But now you will find out that this is possible because you can immediately try this handler for which you will only need 2 walnuts.

This is an excellent medicine solution for all those who, from time to time, experience nerve tension.

The method will work momentarily: we are going to do a massage with nuts:

Many of you know that there are active points in our palms that fit the workings of the internal organs. By pulling them, we can get rid of various ailments!

It is very nice to feel the touch of shell walnuts on your palms. This natural material can not be compared with any other acupuncture massage.

Exercise for a quick relaxation and relaxation:

  1. Take two walnuts in each palm and work with circular movements.
  2. Place the nuts in the middle of the palm, gently push the palm with the other palm, and turn the circular movements.
  3. Lightly tear the tips of the small fingers of one and the other hand.

Such gangs are a great way to help speed up the situation in an extreme situation. Check this method, and you must share it with your friends.

Source: http://uspesnazena.com/alternativna-medicina/kako-se-osloboditi-stresa-i-smiriti-nerve-za-samo-nekoliko-minuta/