Since ancient times in folk medicine used fresh cabbage leaves as wraps, which have anti-inflammatory, relieve pain, reduce swelling and promote skin healing.

Cabbage leaves can also eliminate a headache and temperature, and even migraine and bronchitis.

In addition to being an indispensable ingredient in many dishes, cabbage is also appreciated remedy. For this, they knew and our grandmothers, and are successfully used cabbage leaves as a remedy.

Here’s how, according to the experience of our ancestors, you can take advantage of all the healing potential of this vegetable!

Injuries, swellings, and burns
At the injured site puts the fresh cabbage leaf, fix it with the bandage, and leave overnight. By morning, swelling and pain are reduced. For better effect, you can add St. John’s Wort oil on the cabbage leaves.

Cabbage leaves can also remove headache and fever. Put on each temple by a single leaf and wrap the head with a towel. Keep it for an hour. It even helps with migraines!

Insect Bites
Cabbage leaves help relieve the condition of painful bites of the wasps, bees and horn. It works like a magnet, draws pain from the swollen place.

Breast pain
During lactation and breastfeeding, many women feel painful swelling of the breast. Folk medicine helps nursing mothers by mowing the healing with wrap of the large leaves of cabbage. Pre-wash them, cut the hard parts of the leaves, and tear the leaves with your hands. This method is also used in mastitis and breast pain in PMS.

A persistent cough and bronchitis
To start treatment, you will need 1 cup of cabbage and honey. Slowly separate one leaf from the head. Drop the cabbage leaves for a few minutes in boiling water, to become warm and soft. Then lubricate one side with honey. That side where the honey put on the chest of the patient. From above put a plastic bag and wrap a scarf or towel.

The procedure is performed before bedtime. If the bronchitis is in the beginning, the result will be visible after the first procedure. Treatment is carried out from five to seven nights, and soon there will be no trace of cough.