The use of bee products in medicine and cosmetics has been practiced for a long time. It should not be surprising, as it has been confirmed many times that honey is a good assistant in weight loss and effective in the fight against cellulite.

Try the “Honey twist” treatment to reduce volume on certain parts of the body, which has become an absolute hit among women!

1.Heat a smaller amount of honey, add cinnamon and apply to problematic parts of the body. On 2 tablespoons of honey goes 1 tsp cinnamon.
2. Swing with a plain transparent foil, dress warm things.

  1. Sit or lie down and cover yourself with an even warmer blanket. Stay 30-40 minutes. It is recommended to drink warm tea, preferably green tea.
    4. After that, remove the foil, and do the following treatment:
    Stick your palms to areas where there is honey, so quickly unwind. Do it as intensely as you can, 5-10 minutes. It will hurt a bit, but in this way the toxins are released through skin pores. This is a normal reaction and indicates that the toxins have gone out.
    5. Shower with warm water. Use body peeling, rub into the honey wraps spots. Dry and put on the skin moisturizing cream.

    After a few treatments you will see great results!