Scientists have discovered that the root of this plant works better than chemotherapy because it kills all cells, and dandelion root only ones affected by cancer.

Many advocates of alternative medicine believe that tea dandelion works on cancer affected cells so that they disintegrate within 48 hours, during which time no new healthy cells in the body are not going “sick”.

The power of dandelion

Some researchers have found that the root of this plant works “better” than chemotherapy because it “kills” all the cells, and the root of the dandelion only affected by cancer.
In addition to having diuretic properties, it stimulates bile excretion, cleanses the liver, helps with allergy and reduces cholesterol. It contains very important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and magnesium.

It contains up to 535% of the required daily intake of vitamin K and about 110% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A. These are all facts about this plant that are known for years.

Initial research at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department was conducted at Windsor University in Canada, and the results give new hope to cancer patients. It has been discovered that the root of the dandelion exquisitely “kills” carcinogenic cells without any harmful effects on other cells in the body, was published on the Natural News portal.

How to collect dandelion

This unjustly neglected plant often considered weeds, has many medicinal properties, and it is only necessary to collect clean slopes, away from traffic. While our grandmothers made syrups of flowers dandelions knowing that contains many medicinal substances, what they certainly did not know is that dandelion root may help cancer patients.

The beginning of April and the ideal time for picking a dandelion. Get out of town, in areas away from the road and enjoy nature and pick up. The whole plant is easiest to trim so that you put the knife under the root and pull the plant with the root because all the parts of this plant itself are very healing.

How to store the root of the dandelion?

As a remedy, the root of the dandelion is used fresh and dried. If we want to keep the root of the dandelion needs to be dry. Before drying, the roots should be carefully peeled and cut into equal smaller pieces. Then the roots of dandelion dried in the fresh air. Spread the root of the dandelion on the substrate, in a dry and cool place with good air flow. The root will dry in a period of 3 to 14 days, and you will recognize that it is dried when it becomes brittle under your fingers. Dry dandelion root reserves the medicinal properties of this dried up to a year, with storage in a jar in a cool, dark place.

Preparation of tea

Place a small buttercup of dandelion roots put in 2 dl cold water, and together put on a hot burner to boil, then cook for another 5 minutes. After that, remove and cover for another 10 minutes, then continue the tea. Drink three times a day before a meal.