Social anxiety or social phobia is easiest and fastest to cure if diagnosed in time. When things are already complicated or when a person falls into even more difficult problems such as depression and addiction, healing is difficult and time-consuming.


The most effective treatment methods are cognitive-behavioral therapy and the use of drugs prescribed by psychiatrists (Prozac, Zoloft, and others).

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy seeks to free a person from dysfunctional and irrational thoughts and gradually face it with fear to develop social skills. Everything happens gradually and with the help of a therapist who approaches everyone in an individual way.

How to overcome a social phobia?

Facing gradual situations of fear and discomfort.

If you are not currently ready for exposure to some social situations, try to imagine them first by focusing only on what is likely to happen.

Exercise relaxation techniques and use them daily to calm down and alleviate physical symptoms (eg, relaxed music for relaxation, physical activity, walking in nature, breathing control, etc.).

Think positively and turn away from the belief that you must love each other.

Step into developing social and communication skills to raise your self-confidence in meeting people.