Memory is definitely a skill that not all people are doing equally. When your parents ask you to remember some of their annuals that your brother or sister actually did, and not you – it is quite clear to you that there are also fake memories.

However, there are some methods you can use in your everyday life – if anything else for the purpose of general information.

Read – Buy magazines that are full of pictures and text. Try to read texts without one photo or one with a photo – compare which text you remember better. Reading enriches the dictionary, so you should take more complicated texts. Mark those texts that do not have a photo with some footnotes from your head or subtract color markers. People rarely remember exactly the color with something underlined, the number of pages, the photo, or a few first notes of some terms. Eg. O, Ph, C for Otorhinolaryngologist, physiotherapist, cardiologist.

Crossword Puzzles – Crossword Puzzles are a good way of testing knowledge but equally the method of adoption. Osmosis and task finding differences can also help to sharpen the senses. It will make you look closely at the middle you think you know – because it is reduced to a few inches.

Video – when you listen to some songs – open the lyrics version. So you could learn a lot of songs in a very short time. You can do the same thing with dancing. Learn how to dance some dance. It will be a lot easier for you to learn to dance if you have acquired any rhythm-driven skills.

Watch family photos – try to remember as much as possible from your childhood, try to remember who was sitting in elementary school, middle school, some quarrels, celebrations – you can write some of the stuff.