Many girls and ladies at least once thought of how to increase breast without a pill, cream or surgery. This is quite normal and understandable, because the aesthetically appealing look is something every woman wants. So, dear ladies, there is no need for shame, the desire for larger breasts is completely commonplace today.

Big breasts are a symbol of femininity. What if just you are not gifted? Implants are not the only solution! We’ll show you how to naturally increase your breasts.

  1. Food rich in proteins
    Hormones estrogen and progesterone play a significant role in determining breast size. If you want a fuller and more firm breasts, it is important that you allow the body to naturally and intensifying these women’s hormones.
    This can be achieved with the help of foods rich in protein such as red meat, fish, poultry and eggs. If you prefer vegetables, the richest of the proteins are quince, nuts, tofu, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.
  2. Food rich in estrogen
    These hormones are responsible for the appearance of your breasts, and a higher level of estrogen can be achieved in a natural and healthy way. All you have to do is enrich your daily meals with foods that increase your body’s hormone levels.
    Foods containing the most natural estrogen are flax and sunflower seeds, soybean and numerous foods made from soy and eggs and legumes. The same effect is made of sand, cobwebs and red clover tea.
  3. Food that boosts circulation
    Enhanced circulation to your body brings many benefits. In addition to the more beautiful skin and the reduction of hardened orange peel caused by cellulite, healthy circulation makes wonders for your breasts. Circulation balances the work of the body, but also the secretion of hormones.
    Exercise and recreation can also be achieved with foods such as garlic, dark chocolate, ginger, citrus, goji berries, oats, asparagus, avocados and watermelons.