We are well aware that if nails are too often painted often, our nails become weak, over time, prone to fracture and yellowish. However, these are not the only undesirable consequences that are possible – specifically, some studies have shown that nail polish may be more pervasive to our health.
All the details regarding this, as well as what happens in the body after applying the nail polish, find out below.

Scientists have searched for traces of chemicals at 20 women who agreed to be part of their research, and the results showed that they also have identified a large number of harmful substances.

If you were wondering how these toxins came to their body, the answer is simple – through the nail polish.
Final results confirmed that all women in the body had traces of triphenyl phosphate only 10 hours after applying lacquer.
But this is not all, the research carried out after these results have been revealed has shown that 8 of the 10 popular nail polishes found this chemical, and 6 of them stated in the Declaration the presence of triphenyl phosphate.

Some nail polishes contain certain components that are toxic in their chemical composition and may harm your health. To know which ones are and to avoid buying those nail polishes that contain them, see the list below:


This is a solvent that easily nails gives a polished appearance and makes color more stable. However, it is also very harmful.
It acts negatively on the central nervous system, affects the feeling of fatigue and fatigue, and can also affect the reproductive organs.


Formaldehyde is a gas that accelerates the durability of nail polish, but it also acts very negatively on those who have an allergy problem. It can even cause dermatitis and other skin conditions.
Otherwise, this gas causes large amounts of carcinogenic and cardiac problems.

Dibutyl Rhthalate

This component provides a nail-specific scent. It is also characteristic of having an adverse effect on the endocrine and respiratory system as well as on gynecological problems.

Some studies have shown that 10 hours after nail varnish, the level of diphenyl phosphate, which is an extremely toxic substance, was 7 times higher than normal in the organism of the examinees! This definitely sounds like alarming data.

How to choose a nail polish that is not harmful

When choosing nail polish, it is important to choose the ones with the following tag:
5-Free: This means that it does not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives, toluene, dibutyl phthalates, as well as camphor.

Or at least this:
3-Free: Lacions with this label in their composition do not have formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.

Now, after all this information, we are sure that with the next purchase of nail polish, you will still take care of your health!

Source: http://mogujatosama.rs/saznaj-sta-se-zapravo-desava-u-telu-kada-nanesete-lak-za-nokte-13017