Every evening … Even though you fall from your feet with fatigue, your dream never comes to your eyes, and you go through various things through your head.

Thinking about a stressful day at work or in your head, make a list of obligations for the next day. The result is that you cannot relax.
We have one suggestion for you. And that is, before you sleep, make a couple of simple poses of yoga. The good news is that you do not have to put a mat on the floor, but you can do this exercise in bed.
Yoga is a natural way to calm your mind and body and relieve muscular tension and help you sleep better. Yoga is for everyone. No matter how old you are or what type of body you have, you can enjoy yoga.

We present 3 simple yoga poses that can be done in the comfort of your bed.


This pose is good when preparing for bed. First sit on your feet. Relax your hands and then take three deep breaths. Try to clear your mind and it might look for it, but you need to focus on deep breathing.

Stretching forward

This pose is great. Begin to sit on the bed and carefully stretch your body forward to catch the toes.

Position of the child: Balasana

This pose requires a kneeling position to keep your fingers behind you. Then spread both knees separately. Then carefully bend to the wings between the thighs. Stay in that position as long as you can focus on deep breathing.

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