Here are some very tasty and sweet anti-honey treatments: sugar, honey, cocoa or chocolate.

Casserole, honey, cocoa or a single chocolate cube can easily and quickly stop cooking. Keep them in the mouth long before the swelling, to the last part of the tongue, where it is perhaps the most sensitive to the bitterness.


Next is the ice cubes or a house of ice water. Keeping the cold in your mouth acts as a powerful stimulant of the diaphragmatic nerves that can signal it to relax.


Shrink your tongue and pull it as much as you can to advance, which will make a similar effect.


At the top of the tongue or a piece of a fire, whisk the soft palate in your mouth. Try to get it deeper than your throat.


And now something more weird. Carefully push your limbs by placing a pocket in both ears, so that you do not obstruct the rhombo. Because of this, the vagus nerve passes from the brain to the stomach. So again, we have stimulation of nerve.