It has probably happened to you many times that your 24-hour day is too short for all the obligations you need to complete. And you often have the feeling that “time is flying”. It is therefore important that you spend the best and most efficient hours in the day ahead. Here are five tricks to help you with that.

Morning coffee cup, a notebook with to do list, pencil, eyeglasses, and vintage rose flower in a vase on a blue rustic table from above. Planning and design concept. Cozy breakfast. Flat lay styling.

1 Practice in the morning.

Rinse the alarm before and do the training in the morning. This will make you feel much better and more productive.

2 Schedule short breaks during a working day.

Although it may not seem like that, the breaks of a few minutes mean a lot. Zoom in and rest your eyes, or do some stretching exercises to awaken your body.

3 Identify three priorities.

During the day, we have a lot to do, but setting priorities will make it easier for you to do this. Every morning, write down the three most important things you need to do by the end of the day.

4 Detach from your mobile phone.

If it’s not an emergency or business situation, put the phone where you will not be at your fingertips.

5 Choose similar dress combinations.

To save time, choose clothing combinations with the same “formula” during a working week. For example, shirts, trousers, and shoes on the stylus. So you will always know what you’re really looking for when you open the closet in the morning.