Love is complicated and it is not always easy to make a decision about ending the relationship, even if it did not make us happy


You must have at least one friend who loves always and without exception to return to the ex after each break.

She/He may be a great romanticist, and perhaps she/he believes in one of the biggest mistakes that make us return to her former partner.

“It’s not always easy to make a decision about ending the connection.”

This flaw is: it has certainly changed.

According to the results of many types of research, our faith in changing behavior and habit that has led to interruption often leads to the former giving another chance.

Of course, in most cases, there has never been a change and despite the fact that everything points to it, we are ready to convince ourselves that it has happened, even if we do not have the relevant evidence for that though.

Researchers have found that more than 50 percent of couples are at least reconciled after a break. The most common motives are to quit emotional distancing, loss of trust, overwhelming differences in character and disbelief. Regardless of the strength of the motive, as many as 50 percents of people have mixed feelings about ending the relationship.

With the belief that the partner will change, the other common reasons for the return are the fear of loneliness and dependence.