Many of us can not imagine the start of the day without having coffee, and some are preparing this adorable drink the first thing they do after waking up.


You have not even opened your eyes or got out of bed, and you’re already thinking about coffee. Sounds familiar? It is just part of the daily morning ritual of most coffee lovers.

Coffee preparation is often the first thing we do after we awaken because we just can not imagine the beginning of the day without that powerful and fragrant drink that excuses us.

However, experts believe that this is not the best time to drink the first coffee.

Although coffee will immediately trigger the process of morning breakthrough, this feeling quickly disappears. So you definitely should not have coffee after waking, says nutritionist Laura Cipullo, author of the book “Women’s Healthy Body Clock Diet”.

It will be most effective if you drink about three to four hours after waking up. During this period, there is not much cortisol in our body, the hormone of stress that most often excuses us. That’s why we need most of the external stimulus at that time.