Do you know that your skin tells the story of your life, and especially the skin of your face? It reveals how old you are, how long have you been exposed to the sun, how stressful you have been, how have you been taking care of your skin, how you have been fed, and even whether you are a smoker! Every wrinkle, spot on the face, scar, capillary, enlarged pores reveals a little about you, and over time, any facial irregularity becomes more visible and has more and more of them. But today there are ways to remove those traces!

For a mask that removes scars from acne, wrinkles and stains you need:
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
3 teaspoons of yogurt
4 tablespoons of honey
1 egg white
Mix all ingredients well to get a smooth mixture. Using a brush, lubricate the entire face, and then gently rub the mixture into scarring areas. If you suffer from rosacea, telangiectasia or other skin diseases – then you should avoid honey, because it can do more harm than good. In this case, you can use white or green clay – instead of honey. And use the same proportion of ingredients. Just add water to make a thick paste.

Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then wash the face with warm water.
Before you start buying expensive products, be sure to try this simple mask after which the results will be very quick to see.