Every woman must watch regularly when her fertile and infertile days are, so she knows when she is in ovulation. However, women and body sends subtle signals so that she knows when she is the most fertile, and these are some of them:

  1. Women’s skin is red or pink

According to a survey conducted at the University of Glasgow, women’s skin in ovulation becomes visible pink or red. This is because of the hormone estradiol that is enhanced during the ovulation and so it is released to you.

  1. Dress in red

According to a 2013 survey, women showed a greater desire to choose a wardrobe in red when they were in ovulation, and this is explained by the theory that women then subtly choose a shade to attract attention.

  1. Her voice is different

In the days when the woman is the most fertile, the voice becomes louder. This is explained by the fact that hormones affect the cervix, thus affecting soft tissue of throat, throat and vocal. Variations in the amount of these hormones can produce variations in the amount of blood flow, swelling and water retention in voices, so the voice becomes softer or wobbly, that is, it changes the color depending on the squirrels.

Source: http://www.alo.rs/ovo-su-znaci-koji-pokazuju-kada-je-zena-najplodnija/126581