The simplest way is to drink a few drops of fresh lemon juice at least once when you drink water. Namely, vitamin C (rich in lemon) purifies water.


It is advised to use ascorbic acid. Quite simply, you can clean water with vitamin C tablets. Usually, 1 mg of vitamin C per 1 liter of water is recommended for purification, but you can add a little more – it depends on how much water is chlorinated.

You can also scrub the water with activated charcoal, you can use filters and even buy filters for showers and filters that directly filter water.

Also, you can remove chlorine from the water if you leave the container with water outdoors. Hlor will go into gas and evaporate from the water. However, it takes two to three days for all chlorine to evaporate. Just cover the water jugs with the mug and leave it for a couple of days. If you remove chlorine to purify the water for the aquarium, leave it in the open for more than two days. However, you should know that in this way you will not remove chloramine from the water.

You can also remove chlorine (but not chloramines) by extracting water. Water needs to be taken for 15 minutes.