The clothes we wear, among other things, reveal our style, but also a part of the character. This also applies to our intimate lingerie. Have fun and check for the truth about it


  1. Bikini panties

You’re a sports person. From the earliest age, you started to engage in sports and you cannot imagine life without activity. Wear practical hairstyles and minimal makeup, but that does not mean that you do not have a real lion.

  1. Thongs

Among the first, you have discovered in the high school specialty lingerie shops and you are a loyal client until today. You prefer lace, but you will also wear cotton – depending on what you wear and how you feel.

  1. Boyshorts

The rules do not apply to you. You have been able to talk about boys for the last few days about the football team’s performance and then to make the charm and make you take the bags out of the store.

  1. High waistcoats

Some call them a pair of dolls and a real catastrophe. You call them secret weapons that keep your feminine shapes in top form no matter what the years.

  1. Do not wear your panties

Whoa! You are a goddess of self-confidence who does not like visible edges of underwear on clothing. Other women may condemn you, but most envy you with freedom of expression.