We have already said that cholesterol is needed by our body, but only a certain amount.

To reduce your cholesterol levels – if it is elevated, you need to take certain steps.

In addition to natural remedies, cholesterol reduction is a good way of organizing nutrition.

We are going to go first with advice on healthy eating because it can greatly regulate cholesterol levels.

If you have excessive body mass, lose weight! Although high levels of cholesterol can not always be related to obesity, obese people are more likely to have elevated levels of cholesterol than people with adequate body mass.

High cholesterol diet

If you have elevated cholesterol, make sure that you remove the skin before preparing the poultry because it contains significant amounts of cholesterol.

It is especially important to reduce the intake of eggs, liver, kidneys, and brain.

These foods are very rich in cholesterol. It is best to consume only 2-4 eggs per week, including those used to prepare other meals.

Chicken, beef and other meat soups cool before consumption. This makes it easier to extract the grease that accumulates on the surface.

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