This natural juice treats a sick liver and stimulates the excretion of the bile. The root juice is especially effective in cleansing the skin. It is very effective in treating ulcers, acne and lichen, and healing wounds, scarring, and burns.

Burdock’s root cleanses the body, promotes urinary excretion and sweating. It is often used for the treatment of venous diseases, ulcers, gout, outdated rheumatic diseases, and dehydration and poisoning. This really tells a lot about his detoxifying effect.

Apart from the roots, we already mentioned the plant list. Tea from young burdocks leaves is used to treat stomach and stomach cramps, and is a good remedy against various rashes, warts, and sores in the mouth.

To sum up, again in short lines to mention burdock seeds. Thistle seed is an effective anti-dandruff and hair loss tool. Seedlings are made of hemp oil that cures many health problems. Medicinal Nectarine oil is extracted from the seeds and in the voice, it is the solution to many health problems.

It is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an indisputable part of the cosmetic industry and is a common ingredient in skin care creams and hair lotions.