For someone, this is one of the worst things that can imagine, especially if the evening involves romance, and for some it is an addendum without which he/she does not go to bed.

Heat affects the quality of sleep

From now on you have a scientific confirming that if you are sleeping with your socks, it warms feet throughout the night and affects the sleep quality.

“If you are warm enough during the night, you will have fewer sleep problems and you’ll probably sleep more easily”

By warming the feet, it is widening the blood vessels and the brain signals that it is time to sleep. Specifically, when they expand in the feet and palms, the heat spreads to the body that is then ready for sleep.

So, if you have feet warm during the night, you will have less sleeping problems and you will probably sleep more easily.

Apart from a longer and better sleep, this garment in bed also helps with valongue, it has a positive effect on dry foot skin and enhances orgasm. Therefore, it is worth considering at least.


With these results, traditional Chinese medicine has long since been aligned with a focus on better circulation. Cold feet from the body “slash” energy that disturbs the flow of qi energy.

Coldness generally blocks the circulation while its heat is stimulating. Also, because of stagnation in the cold, it can easily get a different pain.

An example is Raynaud’s disease, a condition that causes some areas of the body like the fingers in the hands to become cold or get rid of the sensation, as a reaction to low temperature or stress. Small arteries that supply blood to the skin become tight and thus they heat the circulation.