Walking is the simplest physical activity, but benefits of walking can often be underestimated. If you walk every day just 800 meters away, your body will have significant changes that are excellent for your health!


Only 800 meters or more means a lot for your health!

To successfully control your body weight and maintain your health, you should spend about 10,000 steps daily. That figure seems a lot, especially if you have an office job and spend a lot of time in the car. But salvation still does!

Specifically, experts say that only 1,000 steps more daily are enough to make significant changes in your body. Thousands of steps are about 800 meters, which is the number everyone can meet, and it’s important that these additional 800 meters pass every day and the result will not stop.

Some of the easiest ways to walk away are car parking at the widest point of the job, walking while talking on a cell phone and walking to a colleague instead of sending a mail.

“If you walk 1000 paces a day, among other things, your heart will work better, you will lose weight and you will be less under stress”

Find out what’s the 5 changes that happen in the body if you walk 800 meters a day every day, making 1,000 steps more:

  1. Heart will be less strained

Even the slightest change from a sedentary lifestyle to live and the simplest physical activity such as walking significantly improves health and reduces the risk of heart disease. Movement allows the muscles to “pump” blood through the body, which reduces heart rate and the heart works at a more normal pace. With a short test, find out how healthy your heart is.

  1. Reduces the risk of stroke

Increasing physical activity directly reduces the risk of stroke and also helps in controlling blood pressure, which further reduces the risk of stroke. So double win!

  1. Easier to lose weight and improve cholesterol levels

By walking you may not lose weight quickly, but after a while, you will see the results. You can see the first results after about 10 weeks (even if you’ve been keeping unhealthy habits, or if you’ve changed the amount of walking in lifestyle). Do you have a high level of bad cholesterol, 1,000 steps more daily enough to change it? More movements stimulate the burning of cholesterol and other blood lipids that could otherwise damage the blood vessels. Also, discover the trick you’ll ditch 20 percent more calories while walking.

  1. You will be released from the stress

A short, fast walk might be the best way to break your head and get rid of stress. Specifically, while you are moving, the body produces endorphin-producing chemicals responsible for good mood and at the same time reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone that can make you feel bad and increase the risk of a multitude of mental and physical health problems.

  1. Bones will strengthen

Any activity in which body weight has a pressure, contribute to bone strengthening and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. This is because the bones in the body weight increase tend to be stronger and thus strengthen. Such pressure on the bone also encourages the creation of new cells in the bones.

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