If you have Aloe Vera, take a couple of leaves and make a fantastic face mask. Your skin will be grateful.

Aloe Vera is one of the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetic products due to its many medicinal properties. However, you do not have to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetic products to have a healthy and shiny skin. Namely, a very simple procedure will significantly improve the quality of your skin.

This was the case with a woman from Oxford, England, who put Aloe Vera on the face every day for 7 days. After 7 days, she noticed a tremendous progress. The skin became very soft and shiny.
This method is very simple and easy, and all you need is, of course, Aloe Vera.
Here’s how to use Aloe Vera for flawless, healthy skin:

  1. Wash the plant well
    Take aloe vera, do not peel, but wash and clean the leaves.
  2. Soften the Aloe vera leaves
    Gently punch the leaves to soften.
  3. Cut the leaves
    You will not need a whole leaf, cut the leaves in half or in smaller parts, just as much as you need.
  4. Cut the edge of the leaf
    Then, cut the edges of the leaf on both sides to open it and easily peel it.
  5. Split the leaf
    Separate the open leaf by hands, and if it does not go smoothly, slash it in the middle with a knife.
  6. Squeeze the juice
    Using a spoon, squeeze the juice from the leaf, but only take as much as you need. Pour the juice into the bowl.
  7. Rub on your face
    Rub your Aloe vera on your face with your fingers. Wash the face with the leaf and leave the juice on the face for 20 minutes until it is dry.
  8. Rinse
    Remove the Aloe vera mask from your face and wash your face with clean water. Do not use any synthetic soap to wash it as it may reduce the effect of Aloe Vera.
  9. Healthy and shiny skin
    Clean your face with a towel. The skin will be soft, revitalized and healthy!

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