Cognitive Reflection Testing is the shortest test of intelligence in the world and with only three questions you can find out whether you are a genius or your IQ is average


Only three questions are enough to find out if your intelligence quotient is overwhelming

The shortest test of intelligence consists of only three questions, but that does not mean that it is an easy test. Each question is designed to evaluate your ability to recognize a simple problem that is actually more difficult than it first appears to be.


Experts who devised this cognitive reflection test claim that not only does he find out whether one’s intelligence is over-mature but also confirms one’s genius if the person answers all three questions correctly. Also, read the 5 things that overly intelligent people do differently.



  1. The palette and the ball total cost one dollar and ten cents. The blade costs one dollar more than the ball. How Much Does the Ball Cost?
  2. If it takes five minutes for five machines to make five products, how much should the machine do what the product does?
  3. There is a bunch of floating lilies in the lake. Every day a bunch doubles its size. If a pile of lilac takes 48 days to cover the entire lake, how much should it cover half of the lake?



Most people in the first question will answer ten cents, another question a hundred minutes, and the third question for 24 days. However, these answers are incorrect.

The correct answers are:

  1. The ball costs five cents.

If the stick costs one dollar more than the stake, you have to think outside the box. Although it is easy to assume that the ball costs ten cents, it would mean that the stake costs a dollar and ten cents, since it costs one dollar more than the ball. In order for the total figure to be one dollar and ten cents, the ball must cost five cents – the stake costs one dollar and five cents.

  1. It would take five minutes for a machine to make a gadget.

Five machines can make five gadgets in five minutes. This means that one machine will make a gadget also in five minutes. That’s why hundreds of machines will make a gadget in five minutes.

  1. A pair of floating lilies should take 47 days to cover half of the lake.

Batch doubles its size every day as it expands, which means it would be halved when it went backward.

That means that on the 47th day, the day before it would cover the entire lake, it was halfway to full size.