Emotional intelligence means being aware of your emotions and the way in which they affect our behavior, especially in interaction with other people. To put it briefly, people with high emotional intelligence are more likely to cope with life. And how to know if your quotient of emotional intelligence is higher than in most people? This reveals the next 7 characters

  1. 1.You are grateful for what you already have

When you are more focused on what you already have, and you are grateful for it, and not on what you do not have, but want to have, you are more capable of setting new goals in life and achieving them. So, if you want something that you do not have, be grateful for what you already have. In addition, this kind of thinking allows you to be more effective in your own environment.

  1. You realize that nobody is perfect

People with a high quotient of emotional intelligence know that neither one nor any other person in the world is perfect. We are all people with disabilities and everyone can work on themselves to become a better person. Knowing it, and being honest about it, can help you fix your own faults and be a better person and that you do not have unrealistic expectations.

  1. You are very curious

You are always looking for answers and new knowledge. Your insatiable curiosity allows you to make improvements in yourself and in everything that surrounds you. Your positive energy and a passion for life attract people around you to help you see more opportunities in your life than inability. Discover what your favorite music is about your intelligence.

  1. You have developed self-awareness

You are aware of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This knowledge gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of everything that can help you achieve life success.

  1. You are very emotional

People with high emotional intelligence are also very empathic, that is, they are able to sympathize with others, which helps you find something positive in each negative situation and find a solution to conflicts. Read the 10 safe signs that you are well-educated.

  1. Adjust well with changes

You do not feel like a “victim” of change, you already accept changes and know how to adapt to them. You understand that the changes in life are inevitable and you are welcomed with welcome because you see them as an opportunity for new opportunities.

  1. You care about your physical and mental health

Awareness of the importance of good health, both mental and physical, is also a feature of people with a high quotient of emotional intelligence. You know that good health allows you to achieve everything you want in your life and that’s why you take care of your mind and body by eating healthy, exercising, resting enough and maintaining healthy relationships with other people.


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