Try this home remedy of turmeric that completely recovers the body and restores the spine.


We must emphasize that this remedy is very popular with Russian alternative medicine doctors. To begin with, prepare a curcuma paste in this way:

40 gr turmeric powder,
100-150 ml of water.
Pour the turmeric powder into the water, stir and bring to boiling. Cook for about 8 minutes until the contents are thickened. Mix constantly. If the mixture is too thick, add some water. The mixture should look like thick yogurt.

During this time prepare the milk:

250 ml of milk,
2 tablespoons (40 ml) of raw (unrefined) almond oil (optional),
Honey by taste.
Boil the milk and add almond oil to it (optional). Get out of the fire and pour in the cup. Add 1 teaspoon of prepared turmeric paste. Sweeten with honey to your taste.

Curcuma paste can be prepared in a larger quantity and for a longer period. In frozen condition it stores its properties for 40 days. Keep the paste in the refrigerator.
Add cooked paste to 1 teaspoon of hot milk, together with honey and vegetable oil (optional).

Important: those who have problems with gall bladder: better not to take risks, because turmeric has a diuretic effect.

What else can be cured by turmeric?

Modern science as well as traditional medicine, highly appreciate this medicinal plant. Yellow alkaloid turmeric is the main active ingredient of the plant. The healing properties of turmeric, it is explained by the fact that the pungent taste of this plant kills calls and parasites, destroys the deposits of mucus, fat, sticky toxins, stimulates blood circulation and complete metabolism. Bitter taste is the best antidote, fever, inflammation, blood and skin diseases.

It also removes deposits and sticky toxins, sores, fat, sweat, pus, itching, cleanses mother’s milk, uterus and liver.
Turmeric is available in each better stocked store food, as a stand-alone condiment or part of the spice curry.