Long and healthy hair is one of the main features of femininity. Straight and shiny hair all men love and every girl has at least once wanted to have it. Some women do not care much about the length of hair while there are those that would give all to have long, thick and healthy hair.

You can try the method with bananas and beer, which is very popular in Hollywood. Dermatologists say there are no bad consequences for the head or hair of the head.The results will be visible after a month!
The recipe is a lot easier. You will need:
Half a banana

One egg yolk

A tbsp. of organic honey

Half a glass of beer

Preparation: Mix in all of the ingredients together until you get a homogenous mixture. Next, apply the mixture onto those areas where the absence of hair is most visible. Leave it like that for two hours and then rinse the hair as usually.

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