If you have the impression that your eyes are often dry, pay attention to the symptoms we are talking about today, as it may not be a transient problem, but a dry eye syndrome that, if not treated, can cause serious eye problems.

Apart from the feeling of dryness of the eyes, there is often a redness, a feeling of burning and the impression that something has gotten into your eye.

Blurred vision, as well as sensitivity to light, as well as the wind, dry air, smoke and vapors of home chemicals, can occur.

As a reaction to irritation, excessive tears can occur, most commonly in people whose tear does not contain an adequate amount of natural oils.

Eye discomfort and nighttime difficulty are also more pronounced in people with dry eyes. If you have any of the above symptoms for some time, consult with your ophthalmologist in order to set up an appropriate diagnosis and receive treatment advice.


Source: https://www.doktor.rs/txt/5685/ne-ignorisite-simptome-suvih-ociju