Perhaps the popularity of vegetarianism is only a trend that will pass, but it still has great health benefits when you give up meat. If you have decided on this step, it is important to know that it is much easier than you think. Plant-based nutrition is best for overall health. Vegetables have much more nutrients than other foods. In addition, it helps the body deal with some diseases, reduces fatty tissue, balances your pH, soothes the stomach, reduces the risk of colon cancer and increases your energy.

The most important thing in this process is dedication. If it’s difficult at first, do not worry because these small steps will help you make a big difference.

  1. Replace your favorite food with a plant version
    This is perhaps the hardest step, so instead of thinking of what you give up, think about the benefits of your decision. If you really like hamburgers, you can make burgers of various nuts. Make a list of food that you are ready to quit, and the Internet search some of the many vegetarian recipes for the meal.
  2. Give it a try on a tofu
    You should not replace soybean meats with each meal. It is enough only once or twice a week to get the necessary proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Although the tofu has a distinctive and weird taste, when you learn to cook it you will like it. It’s important to experiment. Get your favorite spices, read a few recipes and get a perfect tofu meal.
  3. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
    There is an opinion that vegetarians eat only fruits and vegetables, but this diet can be fun. It is important to remember that this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, so you need to “train” for it in order to maintain it. Find fruits and vegetables that you like and include them in all meals, not just in salads. For example, instead of ham, add peppers, onions, mushrooms and broccoli to the pizza.
  4. Replace cow’s milk
    Many vegetarians also give up milk products. Today, there are many substitutes for cow milk such as almond, rice or soy milk.
  5. Eat fish to make the transition easier
    There is a special branch of vegetarianism called pesco-vegetarian, which involves the cancellation of any meat other than fish. The good side of this is that the fish is easy to prepare, contains less fat than animal flesh, stimulates your brain and is an excellent source of protein.
  6. Experiment with nutritional supplements
    An easy way for beginners is to replace nutrients of animal origin with dietary supplements. There are many powders and pills suitable for vegetarians that will help you recover the loss of some substances while you are in the initial stage of vegetarianism.
  7. Try vegetarian meals in restaurants
    Eating in a restaurant is a problem that many vegetarians are confronted with, as almost the entire menu consists of meals. But it is still the 21st century, so you have several options.