Make sure you really have water in your ears. You can easily check this by gently tapping the temple with a wrist. You will feel very uncomfortable if your water is in your ear. And then apply one of these methods:

Make a solution for drying your ears. A good solution is a mix of equal amounts of 5% acetic acid (domestic vinegar) and isopropyl alcohol (95% is the best). The acidic acid in the mixer works by dissolving cerumen (wax from the ears) that can hold some water in the ear canal.

The other way is to step on one leg and tilt your head so that your problematic ear is facing the ground. Jumping on one leg until your water is exhausted.


Another method is to lie down on the side so that your clogged ear is again facing the floor. Gravity can thus act on the ear so that the water itself comes out naturally.


Put your finger in your ear and make a vacuum by pushing it fast and pulling your finger out of it. Water should get out of the ear very quickly.

Make the fork movements like you’re hungry for food. Tilt your head to the side where you do not have water in your ear, and then quickly tilt it to the other side.

Tilt your head to the side where your water is in your ear. Then push your ear back and forth, until the water starts to get out of it.

Consult your doctor if none of the above methods succeed, because you may have an infection. Ear infections are most common in children.