It’s no secret that men have a different construction than women and are usually physically stronger. However, research that claims that women have greater muscular endurance than men will be able to establish gender equality on the terrain once and for all!

Namely, the researchers asked 8 men and 9 women at approximate age and with similar physical fitness to do stretching exercises involving muscles at the back of the leg that are used for everyday activities such as standing and walking.

At first, the boys were faster and more powerful. But they get tired more quickly than the ladies, which has logic, because women feel less fatigue than men after activities that require durability such as running the tape (even though men end up faster).

“Although this latest research is small and refers only to one muscle group in both groups, it has yet proved that women are more resilient than men. Undoubtedly, both genders have physical abilities that are not for underestimation, “the researcher said.

You see? We are all winners!