With these little tricks that we bring you today, you will be able to enjoy your flower bouquet for up to a week.

Place the bouquet in a spacious vase, so that the flowers will not be too tight so that the stems or leaves are not broken. Let only the steams to be in the water, make sure that the leaves and the petals do not yeast.

Change the water daily and do a little shortening of the stems at an angle, not at all straight and keep the bouquet away from the direct source of sunlight and heat.

On the third day remove all dry leaves and petals and transfer the bouquet into a slightly smaller vase that will fit better.

After the fifth day when the flowers are opened and blossomed, remove all dry petals, leaves, and branches and move the flowers into even smaller vases. Now the bouquet is much shorter and smaller due to the daily shortening of the stem.

After a whole week, if you have only one flower left untwisted, cut it out and put it in a tea cup filled with water to float like a beautiful decoration.


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