Kombucha mushroom is very famous in the world. They call it Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian tea mushroom. The very name of kombucha is of Japanese origin. Tea mushroom actually is made of symbiosis of two types of organisms: fungi (yeasts) and acetic acid bacteria. It is believed that this beverage brings back youth, “iron” wrinkles, dries hair, but also increases immunity, retards old diseases, and is even useful in preventing cancer.

Although her name is the word “mushroom” is not only that. In fact, it is a mixture of different organisms, including eczema, yeast and some bacteria. It was constructed in a multi-layer membrane, grayish in color and it is not eatable. Kombucha called thick, slimy, black cover jelly mass that floats on the surface of a diluted liquid, after which the fermentation is used as a tea beverage, but also as the acid which can be used as a flavoring instead of vinegar. The whole process takes place in a glass jar. It can be put into ordinary, sweetened water and then has the taste of plain cheese. The name came from the fact that it is placed in chilled tea drinks from a variety of medicinal blooms. The liquid is kept for several days, well closed until the desired acidity is achieved.

Science has not officially proved all the medical properties that this fungus supposedly possesses, but in Eastern medicine, tea made from this mushroom is used to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, improve circulation, improve gut activity, relieve arthritis and rheumatism, and more. Those who used it, around the globe, have confirmed its beneficial effect on the digestive tract, and since good digestion is associated with strengthening the immune system, we can conclude that it can well affect our health.

Asian countries believe that tea made from this mushroom can restore youth, energy, and extend life expectancy.

How to make a tea from kombucha

In a liter of water cook black or green tea with one hundred grams of sugar. Boil the mushroom in water, cool it, wash it and put in the lukewarm tea you have previously put in a larger glass jar. Cover the jar with gauze and leave in a bright place for a week to ferment. After eight days’ strain the tea that you drink, and the mushroom wash and get it ready for the next use.

In this way, kombucha products hyaluronic acid, heparin, lactic acid, vitamins, and enzymes very useful for the human body. And so it is believed that those who drink only one cup of this drink daily is a healthier, more vital and youthful appearance, and it is believed that people who regularly use have less or no gray hairs.
Kombucha is not just mushroom, it also contains flax, yeast, and healthy bacteria.

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