You can start preparing your child for kindergarten for several weeks before. Adjust each conversation and preparation to the child’s personality and age.

  1. Show the child that you are proud of being grown enough to go to a kindergarten and be there without you.
  2. Show the kindergarten in a positive way.

Tell him about the kindergarten as an interesting and fun place to play, meet new friends. Tell him about the various activities that he will be involved with. Speak positively and optimistically, but realistically! Read books on children attending kindergarten, talk about family members, friends or peers who already attended kindergarten.

  1. Bring the child to the kindergarten and before starting with the adjustment, show him how the kindergarten (or school) looks. Let him see the children playing there.
  2. Teach the child to be independent according to feeding, dressing, hygiene and give him the choice. Teach your child to choose between two toys to play with or two shirts he will wear.
  3. Teach your child to collaborate, work on and share. Together do some work or play a game (matching game, puzzle, dice, ect).
  4. If you do not have a solid structure and family arrangement, begin to put the organization into the child’s life a bit: determine the time to eat, when to read a story, to play or sleep.
  5. Enable the child to meet with other children. Include it in the game and hang out with your peers, organize a socializing with them.