Everyone likes to eat sweet things, whether it’s donuts, syrups, cakes or anything else. But there must be a limit to it and everything beyond that is dangerous to health. Note these signs of excessive consumption of sugar from the start.

  1. Increase in weight
    Excess sugar means excess calories, and due to a lack of protein or fiber, this can very badly affect your health.
  2. Frequent colds and flu
    If you get sick more often than before, this can be the cause, because a large amount of sugar gradually weakens the immune system.
  3. Fatigue
    This is the biggest sign that you have too much sugar in your body. Although sweet foods with high levels of sugar can give you a lot of energy, but it’s only temporary, followed by a “drop”.
  4. High cholesterol
    According to research, too much sugar can reduce “good cholesterol” and increase “bad cholesterol”, while fructose can stimulate the body to produce triglycerides and cholesterol. It would be best to consult your doctor about it.
  5. Foggy vision
    If your vision becomes cloudy, especially after a meal, this may be an indication that you have entered too much sugar. Instead of gradually decreasing and growing, blood sugar levels are rising and decreasing rapidly, which in turn can lead to cognitive problems and damage.
  6. High blood pressure
    Blood pressure is considered normal if it is 120/80 or lower, while sweet foods can cause an intolerable threshold beyond the permissible. Medical experts claim that it is much more important to control the intake of sugar than sodium when it comes to blood pressure health.
  7. Insatiability
    Foods that do not contain fibers and other nutrients cannot leave a sense of satiety and cause your body not to feel like you ate. This can lead to further complications such as excess pounds, cholesterol, and the like.
  8. Sweet taste disappears
    Is nothing as sweet to you as before? Too much sugar leads to “saturation” and makes you eat more and more to satisfy the sweet.
  9. Craving for sweets
    If you feel the desire for sweets, you are probably already an addict. Reduce the amount of sugar in order to quit on time.
  10. Exhaustion after training
    Good training is crucial. If you have plenty of sugar in your blood, you can end up with a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, even if you are in good shape.
  11. Problems with skin and feet
    This can cause skin problems such as acne, redness of the face, as well as excessively greasy or dry skin.
  12. Tooth decay
    Bacteria that are formed in the mouth after consuming sweets produce an acid that combines with saliva and begins to accumulate in the mouth, after which the cavity begins to form in the teeth and thus the teeth become to decay.


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