Of all fat deposits, those on the stomach are the worst, and with age, and despite a healthy diet and the same intensity of activity, they become increasingly difficult to take off.

ess hormone that breaks down muscles and creates fertile ground for the deposition of fat on the abdomen, which is more than an aesthetic problem because slowing down the metabolism and increase the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Culprit number one for which the battle against the fat put on the stomach is difficult to obtain is hormones. Menopause reduces estrogen levels; and that affects the deposition of fat, which is why women tend to form, a visceral fat that lines the organs and is associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease and it represents danger to health.

New research has shown that fat on the stomach reduces bone mineral density and increases the risk of bone loss. Hormonal imbalances during menopause often cause permanent hunger.

Sleep disorders, common in menopause and perimenopause, are associated with a decrease in leptin levels, a hormone that suppresses appetite and an increase in appetite-level warming levels.

To get rid of fat deposits from your stomach, you need to have a tough battle against hormones, cortisol, and estrogen. To overcome them, you need to change the way of life, first of all, the way to nutrition, because the diet itself can sabotage punctilious exercises for a flat stomach.

The solution is in this very available and healthy spice: cinnamon. Just add it in your morning coffee in, and during the day spice the salad, main course, and sandwich – it will boost fat burning on the stomach.

Source: http://www.biljnicajevi.info/narodni-lijekovi/u-svako-pice-i-jelo-dodajte-ovaj-zacin-salo-se-samo-topi-srce-ostaje-jako-i-zdravo/