When it comes to health, the best way to protect ourselves is to listen to your own body. Of course, only a doctor can establish a diagnosis, but nobody knows your body better than you. You will first know that something is wrong – even before the appearance of visible symptoms. It’s not that doctors do not know what they’re talking about, but nobody knows what’s normal for your body, as you know yourself. It is therefore important to recognize the subtle signs that your body sends, which can predict a serious health problem. Women should be aware that the same disease can give them different symptoms in relation to symptoms in men. For example, lung cancer annually kills more women than other forms of cancer, and the symptoms of this disease are prone to females.

Weight loss
Most of us are struggling to lose those 5-10 stubborn kilograms of excess. If you suddenly begin to lose weight without any effort and quickly lose weight, this can be a cause for concern. When there is a disease, the body consumes fat reserves and you do not have an appetite to create new ones.

Loss of breath
We all know what breath loss is like, but most of us have experienced it after some stress. If just getting out of bed in the morning leads to losing your breath, it can be a sign of serious respiratory diseases. Breath loss is one of the earliest symptoms of all forms of lung cancer.

Pain in the back and shoulders
Certainly, you would not connect back pain to the lungs, but in women, sharp pain and pain around the shoulder blades indicate that something is not right. The difference is that women are more prone to lung cancer called adenocarcinoma. This tumor grows from the outer layers of the lungs, so it can press the ribs and spine.

Constant coughing
If you have a cough that does not pass and only worsens, it’s time to visit a doctor. A cough is a natural reaction of the body to irritation in the respiratory system, but if it does not pass, it means that and the irritation hasn’t passed. Constant coughing is a known early symptom of any form of lung cancer and can help you discover the problem in time and start treatment.

Pain in the chest
As mentioned earlier, adenocarcinoma gives slightly different symptoms than other forms of cancer. It can cause chest pain in the same way as it causes pain in the back, which can lead to pleural effusion, a painful condition caused by the accumulation of liquid between the two sheets of pleura. If you feel persistent pain at one point in the ribs, seek out professional help as soon as possible.

A rumbled voice is usually associated with smoking, but in some cases, a sudden cracked voice can be a symptom of the cancer that is spreading. Cancer of the respiratory system may result in irritation and inflammation of the vocal cords, causing a rough or hoarse voice. If it lasts for three or more weeks, it’s time to check your throat and lungs.

Feeling tired
Chronic fatigue is a symptom of many diseases, from flu to lupus. If you feel that fatigue is more of irritability due to sleepless nights, visit the doctor immediately. Fatigue can be the way your body says that it saves energy to try to heal you.

Difficulty swallowing
If there are a swelling and inflammation of the respiratory tract, it is difficult to swallow. The sensitivity of the throat as a consequence of a cold is not a cause for concern, but if you constantly have a problem with swallowing water or food, it might be good to fix the cause. The doctor will eliminate factors such as allergies and infections, before exploring other options.

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