The key is actually in following ingredients!




  1. Less Pointy FizzFresh rosemary bound, and rosemary sprigs in a glass, on a white wooden background.

One of the basic ingredients of this cocktail – pineapple – enhances libido.

Method of preparation: Put 30 ml of tequila (Blanco), 30 ml of gin, 20 ml of lemon juice, 10 ml of pineapple juice and 15 ml of ginger juice in the shaker. Sip on ice in the glass and pour with soda water.

  1. Jam Jar Julep

The spice of cardamom in this cocktail is rich in melatonin, which promotes sexual desire.

Method of preparation: Apply 50 ml of jade, 50 ml of grapefruit juice, 20 ml of syrup called and a few droplets of parsley. Serve with ice, leaf sauce, and cardamom seeds.

  1. Rosemary Gin Fizz

Drink this mighty herbivore! Rosemary is a famous aphrodisiac.

Method of preparation: Apply 35 ml of gin with rosemary (hold 4 rows of fresh rowan berry juice for 4 hours) with 45 ml of vermouth, 20 ml of lemon juice and 5 ml of agave syrup. Add 50 ml of soda water, grind and serve with a fresh rowan berry branch.