An old woman used these recipes to improve her hearing. At first she was skeptical – then a miracle happened!!!!

Honey and cinnamon

Mix honey and cinnamon and use the mixture when you get up in the morning.

Black wine and green tea

It is good for heart, mood, immunity, and recent research shows that black wine can also prevent hearing loss.

Antioxidants from black wine protect the hairs in the inner ear, which protect the ear from external influences. Green tea has a similar effect on the hearing.

Drops of garlic

In Sicily, garlic is regarded as a cure for all diseases. Hearing aids use the following recipe.

Shorten a few frosting of white portions in olive oil. Strongly press each comb to squeeze its juice, and then pour oil. Drop 3-4 drops of oil every day in your ear, then clog your ear with a piece of cloth.

Mix of garlic and onions

It is believed that this powerful mixture used as a drink will return the hearing. The beverage consists of 30 ml of garlic juice and 30 ml of red apple juice. Drink it once a day.

Practical advice

  • Make sure you do not output more than 85 dB.
  • If you still have to be exposed to the noise, make a “silent” break every 15 minutes.
  • Use ear protection. Get them in every apothecary.
  • If you have to raise your voice to hear others – know your environment is overwhelming!
  • Do not drive the car at full speed with an open window.
  • If you are listening to music with the headphones, do not increase the sound more than 60% of the maximum level.
  • If you drive a motor, be sure to protect the ears.
  • Do not stand near the speaker or the amplifier.
  • Treat ear infections immediately.
  • If you notice hearing loss or ear pain, contact your doctor.