Do you like pancakes? Rhetorical question, because everyone likes pancakes. But nobody likes to wash dishes piled up after making the pancakes.

The first pancake was made by the cook of Pope Gelation of the First, who in 492 drew water, eggs and flour to feed many pilgrims. The new dish was called a placenta, or in a free translation – a plate.
It turned out to be a great invention because it can be eaten in a sweet and salty variant, with everything and everyone, but also without anything.

Prepare a mixture for pancakes should be one of the easiest venture in the kitchen, but the fact is that they can give us headaches. Soft, foamy and curly pancakes are difficult to achieve if you do not have a good pan and a good recipe. We bring you a recipe that is easy to do and what is important no dirty dishes and mess to clean up after. Here’s a great tip – prepare dough for pancakes in the bottle. It’s fast, easy, and fun. So here’s the recipe.

To prepare the dough it will be necessary:
– 2 eggs
– 10 full tablespoons of flour
– Three teaspoons of sugar
– 1/2 teaspoons of salt
– Three tablespoons of  vegetable oil
– 600 ml of milk
– bottle 1.5l of sparkling water

Place the funnel in the bottle and pour the flour, sugar, salt. Then add eggs, oil and milk. So, put first dry ingredients first, then the liquid ones. Close the bottle with a stopper and shake well to uniform mixtures. It is very convenient to work in a bottle.
Do not be afraid, it will not remain any lumps, if you shake it well. Take a pan and pour some oil. Pour the dough from the bottle and fry the pancakes.
You do not have to spend all the dough at once. You can leave the bottle with the mixture in the fridge and prepare fresh pancakes for breakfast. Just add some water or milk.