There is no “proper” way to eat sushi because, in Japan, where this is a traditional dish, there are many techniques. But these tips can make your first encounter with a sushi easier … Sushi is mainly served on wooden plates, can be eaten with a stick, but is traditionally eaten with fingers.

What you should not do is ask for a knife and a fork because it can mean only one thing – the fish is hard and tough, and that is an insult to the chef.

Since sushi, a specialty of cooked or a raw fish, is eaten with fingers, guests in the restaurant receive a warm towel so that they can wipe their hands before the meal. Also, after each snack, you need to wipe your hands on the towel.

What you should know is that one dries one bit. So, it does not bite, but it is suddenly placed in the mouth. It is acceptable to eat it from possibly two bites, but you do not need to return the battered half to the plate.

With sauce on the plate you get a sauce, but also has a “rule”. Namely, you need to turn the drought to soak the part of the fish in the sauce, not the one in which the rice is. In addition, the unwritten rule is that you do not soak drying too much into the sauce, otherwise you will not feel the real taste of sushi. In addition, you could offend a chef who will think he does not like your specialty, so you “swim” him in a sauce so you can eat more easily.

Do not let the ginger you serve – it is eaten between different sushi types, in order to “purify” your mouth, so as not to mix the flavors.