Science has already informed us of the many benefits of orgasm. Not only do we feel pretty great, but we can also help to live longer, sleep better and improve our appetite.

But there is one physical benefit of an orgasm for which you were not aware that it can help naturally rejuvenate the vagina.

According to Dr. Elene Ariase, a director of the Marbelan Gral Clinic, regular orgasms not only keep us happy but keep our entire vaginal area in good condition. The doctor is also an expert in natural vaginal rejuvenation therapies.

“The clitoral stimulation and female orgasm increase the tone of the pelvic region, which in turn affects the entire vagina. At the moment of orgasm, the clitoris is under increased blood pressure.” The mother drops down to the pelvic floor, increases muscle tension and strengthens the whole region. ”

This rejuvenation also helps lubrication that occurs during excitement.

“Excitement increases vaginal elasticity because it stimulates the function of the glands of the vagina, which produce a lubricant that has a hydrating and rejuvenating effect on the whole vaginal area.”

Today, thousands of women are looking for rejuvenation of the vagina each year and it is good to know that there is a natural way for the vagina to be in the best possible condition. This natural way does not cost and can be achieved in the private environments of our houses.