Here is the mask, which will help strengthen the damaged hair.

It is suitable for all hair types, and also helps reduce its dryness, the more it stimulates hair growth.

The main ingredient of this mask is yeast. It is applied 2 times a week. To recover damaged hair, and to get maximum results, the procedure is repeated for 2 months without interruption. So, twice a week for 2 months.

The result of using such a mask is not only high quality, it is already durable!

Yeast masks are suitable for all hair types, and they are irreplaceable in combating hair loss and for its faster growth.

Mask from yeast against falling, and for strengthening thin and weak hair:


It will be necessary:

– 1-2 small cups of warm milk

– 1 coffee. Spoon of honey

– 7 gr of dry, or 2 oz gr of fresh yeast


1-2 teaspoons of warm milk, dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar, add 20 gr of fresh yeast. Leave to a warm place to ferment, for 15-20 minutes.

Apply the mixture to clean, moist hair. Wrap the plastic bag and a towel. Leave on your head for an hour (you can longer, up to 2 hours, the longer it is better), wash it with warm water after a hair.

With this mask, yeast fungi increase the amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals needed to grow your hair. Nutritional substances absorb in hair follicles and strengthen damaged hair.