Do you often have a need to snack something, no matter what you have recently eaten? Sometimes this is normal, but there are cases when the “need for hunger” is triggered by something else.

We will reveal 10 reasons why you may feel hungry, and you are not really hungry:

  1. You are not hungry, but thirsty

    If you have recently had lunch and have eaten, and yet after a short, while you want to eat something again, remember when you last drank water.
    If it’s been a long time, drink a glass and wait. The feeling of hunger will disappear and you will realize that it did not exist.
    Rule: Drink constantly liquids. Drink plenty of water in the morning and obligatory half an hour before each meal.

  2. Empty calories

    Sometimes you are fooled to eat something that’s delicious to you, but it’s actually not nutritious enough and you get hungry for very shortly. It’s an example with the snacks that will make you feel bloated, but they will not saturate you.
    Rule: reduce the number of carbohydrates, eat more healthy foods.

  3. Lack of sleep

    Sleep 7-8 hours in the evening and the feeling of hunger will not wake you up. When we sleep, the body secretes the hormone melatonin, which is not only responsible for the proper function of the organs, but also for our appearance.
    Rule: Go to bed before midnight so you will look fresh, nice, and you will not be hungry for a long time.

  4. Wrong dealing with stress

    There are 2 types of people when it comes to dealing with stress – one is “drowning” in food, and others cannot look at food. If you are from the first, you need to know that in those moments you are not really hungry.
    Rule: Stress is not solved by eating sweets and everything you see in the fridge. Talk to your loved ones, take a walk in the air, play sports, read a book or watch a nice movie.

  5. Inappropriate appetizer

    Alcohol stimulates appetite. Therefore, before entertaining with friends, it’s good to design the menu, so you do not eat too much.
    Rule: Pick easy and healthy snacks. There is proper food for every drink. For example, to discover the taste of red wine, excellent choices are brucettes with baked vegetables.

  6. Lack of protein

    Do not forget to include protein in the diet, because you will have more energy and you will feel saturated.
    Rule: Fruits and vegetables are certainly good and you should eat them, but you must have protein as the basis of the meal.

  7. Lack of appropriate fats

    There are different types of fat. Fast food, fried foods, flour – these oils should be avoided and eat as low as possible. The useful fats are in olive oil, red fish, nuts, avocado, seeds …
    Rule: Just eat foods that contain beneficial fats that will not harm you and you make it hard on the body and certainly are more nutritious.

  8. You do not have regime

    Usually, it is best to have 5 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks among which you should not miss them. If you do not eat well and eat a lot of things when the time comes for the other meal you will subconsciously think that you should eat again.
    Rule: Eat small portions at equal intervals every day, not all at once.

  9. Food on the Instagram

    Of course, the latest trends are that food must be photographed and published on social networks. And it causes when you see you want to eat though, in fact, you are not hungry.
    Rule: try less to see pictures of food.

  10. Eating “on foot”

    From earliest age we are all taught that we should not hurry with food. Give it time for the brain to understand that you have eaten and you are eaten, so that you do not need food again.
    Rule: Relax and treat meals as a ritual to give pleasure.