For many of us this ingredient is a favorite part of cakes and pastries, in fact, can be a great ingredient in your diet and help you lose weight!

Walnut is one of the best herbal sources of protein. It is rich in plant fibers, vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants. Most nutritionists and doctors recommended that we daily eat 30 grams of walnuts.
Walnuts have shown great potential for weight control. Scientists at Loma Linda University have discovered that 4-6 halves before meals successfully reduce hunger and help lower calorie intake into Consumption of walnuts protects us from the development of the so-called metabolic syndrome, which one of its symptoms is the fat around the waist (the others are high blood pressure and blood sugar). Consumption of walnuts in a natural way contributes to not getting hungry.

According to a study at the university, people who were on a diet with fewer calories and more fat (who received from walnuts) lost more body fat than those who were on a diet with more carbohydrates and a lower percentage of fat.

Walnuts alleviate hunger and naturally rich in a lot of nutrients, which means that by using them we take a lot of nutrients in the body with a reduced calorie intake.
However, it is necessary to know that walnuts are caloric and it is possible that unconsciously eat a large quantity of these walnuts and so in the body you enter more calories than you need.

However, if calories in your regular diet (e.g. sugar, cakes) are replaced by approximately the same amount of calories from walnuts, it will be a hit!
Walnuts have the natural ability to regulate appetite and you will eat less later, and also provide a range of beneficial nutrients that are unequivocally better and healthier than what cakes and snacks contain.