Everybody loves banana, they are delicious, nutritious and full of potassium but do you know what kind of banana is better to eat? Green or mottled?
Depending on how mature it is, the banana acts differently on our body. Some prefer that they are hard and almost immature while others are the favorite soft bananas with lots of black dots.
And very ripe bananas and those that are slightly greenish are good for our organism, but each one works differently. Bananas that are mature so that they are already black contain anti-cancerous matter.

According to the latest study by Japanese scientists of fully mature banana with dark spots in very yellow color, it produces a substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) or a tumor cell killer capable of fighting abnormal cells in our body.
What are spots on the crust darker, the higher the concentration of these substances is that strengthens our immune system. A very mature dark yellow banana with black stains has 8 times stronger properties to enhance our white blood cells and immune system than unmanageable bananas.

A fully mature banana is perfect for your digestive system because sugar is easily absorbed from it, unlike green bananas that are hard to digest because their starch is difficult to turn into sugar.

The greenish and harder bananas are rich in probiotic bacteria that work well on the health of the colon. They contain less sugar than a ripe banana and more starch. And the starch itself is responsible for a longer feeling of satiety
The most important thing is that you always eat a mature banana with dark spots that is best for your health.
It is enough to eat just one of these banana a day to significantly strengthen your immune system.

Source: http://www.healthytipsworld.net/2017/05/04/know-banana-healthiest-seven/